Part of our job is to design you a beautiful building. And part of it is to help make sure your project runs as smoothly as possible.

Even the most straightforward building project is complex, involving a lot of people from different trades and disciplines. How we work, the information we provide and the relationships we build, all help to make sure everything goes according to plan, with no unnecessary delays, costs or headaches.

how we work 1
The value of solid project foundations

From the outset, what we do gives confidence to everyone involved. Our detailed plans and drawings and the way we communicate and keep in touch, all help you, the planners, inspectors and contractors.

A good briefing in means a good building out. So we listen carefully and work hard to understand what you need from your building and what you want from it.

In the same way, we take time to explain our design to you so that we’re sure you understand what we’re proposing and can give us your feedback.

The value of a positive relationship

The best buildings generally come when the client and their architectural team have a good relationship. The better we get to know you the better we’ll understand and deliver your brief.

We always keep things clear and straightforward. We ask you lots of questions and are more than happy to answer yours. This kind of dialogue is an important part of a successful design process so please, ask away!

We always get back to you quickly because we know this matters. It helps us too as we might be able to answer your question on the spot. And if it’s something that does need sorting, the quicker we can get on to it the better.

how we work 3
The value of accurate information

We pay attention to detail because we know it matters. Accurate and comprehensive plans help contractors submit accurate tenders, help control overall project costs and help resolve problems so your build progresses smoothly.

This is why we work hard to make sure everyone involved in your project has all the information they need, both at the start and throughout.

The level of detail we provide will help you too. You’ll be able to clearly understand our designs and our fees. You’ll know exactly how much you’re paying and what your finished building should look like.

"My family and I had some clear and demanding objectives for our project. Apex created a design that was sympathetic to the existing buildings and garden and took this successfully through the planning process - particularly sensitive as we are in an area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB).


Apex helped us choose a builder and managed the whole contract through to completion Throughout the process their team remained professional, attentive and responsive. And, most importantly, we met our objectives and my family are very happy with the outcome."


John Adams
Forest of Dean Cottage Extension & Renovation Project