We’re a team of Architectural Technologists, Architects, Technicians and Surveyors, led by Richard Jones, Charlie Vine and Jon White 

Richard, Charlie and Jon all grew up in the Forest of DeanThey first met when they were studying together at college and have been friends ever since. Over the years their career paths crossed until they found themselves working with each other, helping to set up a new architectural practice. By 2019, they had each gained chartered status and were directors of the company. From here it was a natural progression to work together in their own practice, Apex Architecture Limited. 

Richard, Charlie and Jon are joint owners of the business and are all active in it, leading projects and working directly with clients. Because they live locally, you’ll benefit from both their professional expertise and their deep-rooted appreciation of this beautiful part of the world. 

Apex Architecture Ltd. 

Our practice is registered with CIAT, the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists.  We’re experts in construction which means we balance creativity with practicality to design buildings that are both beautiful to look at and a pleasure to live or work in.

Most of our work is in Gloucestershire, Monmouthshire and Herefordshire, although we’ll happily travel further afield for the right project.  We have offices in Aylburton, Monmouth and Cheltenham which you’re welcome to visit. Usually we’ll meet you on site though.

We can help you extend your home, remodel it, renovate it, convert a building or build something completely new. We work on domestic and commercial buildings and with developers on small plots, typically up to around 20 units.

Apex Architecture.

“…a huge thank you for professional and friendly service…” 

We get most of our business through personal recommendation.  We think this is because our difference lies not so much in what we do but how we do it. We understand that the best architecture comes when there is a strong relationship between the client and their architectural team.  

So the relationship we build with you (and everyone else involved in the project) is as important as the building itself. Good relationships lead to open communication. Open communication leads to clear understanding. Clear understanding leads to strong design, a well-managed project and quick problem-solving. Altogether this gives you the best possible building. 

“… your service was bloody brilliant!” 

When you appoint us, you’re putting us in a position of trust. We appreciate this. We appreciate the investment you’re making and will work hard to make sure you see value from the start.  

You’ll get to know us well, both the person leading your project and the team supporting them. We’ll be at the end of the line when you need us and with you throughout. We aim to bring you beautiful, practical and sustainable design in a way that’s easy to understand and hassle-free.  

"Thanks again for everything you have done. You have been so brilliant to work with. You understood our requirements and have been fantastic in nursing us through this project."