Planning consent awarded: Monmouthshire

We are proud to announce another excellent planning consent has been secured this week.

The original stone cottage had been extended in both the 60’s/70’s and again 1986. Our objective was to provide further additional accommodation, create an enhanced connection to the landscape and whilst also forming a unique roof terrace to allow the far reaching views to be enjoyed. The design was to be unique, interesting and a move away from the traditionally more conservative designs applied to traditional cottages throughout the county.

Reflecting on and respecting Monmouthshire County Council’s Local Plan Policies with regards to the extension of rural dwellings, it was important that the proposals created a clear distinction to the the original cottage, and also sought to provide greater clarity on the previous extensions too. We certainly wished to avoid a large pastiche of a white cottage box on the hillside!

We were able to demonstrate policy compliance with regards to volumetric base constraints and also show how the proposed works would enhance the overall character of the property.

Ecological enhancement and mitigation measures have been incorporated and working closely with our Ecologists at Arbtech, ensured a robust and policy compliant set of details could be submitted as part of the application.

Once the form and mass were established throughout the initial design phases, we moved our thoughts towards materials and how these could be utilised to highlight the distinction of the various phases of the buildings evolution. Dark coloured timber cladding, with splashes of colour from the Corten steel cladding panels were utilised to create a unique blend alongside the large glazed façade.

The design has been fully supported by Monmouthshire County Council and we look forward to moving the project forward with our clients.